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Minimum charge is $25. For services requiring more than an initial consultation and/or simple repair, we will submit a custom estimate detailing necessary procedures and additional recommended procedures. When additional services beyond an initial consultation are required, the $25 consultation fee is waived.

The below list of rates and services is only meant to provide a general idea of expected charges. All actual estimates are based on the client's specific needs. We give discounts for multiple services and referrals. Please see our Policies Page for more details.DAY Computer and Technology Service, LLC

The typical repair costs between $25 and $80. Severe cases involving multiple procedures can cost more.

Computer Services

Standard Clean and Optimize
Our most popular service! You drop off your computer (or we'll pick up) and we'll clean it inside and out. We open the case and clean the interior (built up dust can hamper your computer's performance), scan for and remove all malware, optimize files and registry, and install any necessary security software. We'll provide a detailed report of your computer hardware and make recommendations based on the age and condition of the hardware.

Time required: One to three days
Price: $80

Hardware Install or Upgrade
We will install your new hardware and any included software and make sure your new equipment is optimized based on your preferences. We'll also show you how to use it.

We can install any hardware - hard drive, DVD or CD drive, video card, scanner, printer, memory - or even set up an entire system.

Time required: Generally one to two hours
Price: $25-40

System Back Up
We back up all of your documents, pictures, and other important files. Don't take a chance on losing your precious memories and important information! Depending on the amount of data, we will provide CD or DVD hard copies of files, or if necessary recommend other back up options.

Time required: Varies, generally one day
Price: Varies depending on amount of data and complexity

Operating System Install
We will perform a clean install of your operating system (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, etc.), install security software, and optimize the system according to your needs. Note: Client must provide an operating system disc, product key, or new software.

Time required: Varies, generally one day
Price: $80 and up

Purchasing Assistance
We will help you shop! Whatever it is you are considering purchasing - TV, audio equipment, computer, printer - we can help you find the best deal and the perfect product for your needs. We'll explain every option so you will know exactly what you are paying for. Don't spend too much for features you won't use!
Price: $25 and up

Technology Consulting
We can help with virtually any technology question you have. Questions about which MP3 player to buy? Do you need help transferring the video from your camcorder to your computer? Do you want to learn how to edit your own videos and make custom DVDs? Are you wondering which TV is right for you? We can help!
Price: $25 and up

General Installation
We can install your 5.1 surround system, optimally set up your new gaming system, wire your home network or configure your Wi-Fi router... whatever you need! Many people buy expensive equipment only to install it in less than optimal ways, losing out on the full value of their purchase. We can ensure that all of your equipment is installed and working optimally with the best cabling. Don't pay too much for cables!
Price: $25 and up

Website Consultation
If you have questions about starting your own website, we can help! There are a lot of great web designers out there, and some services can cost many hundreds or even thousands of dollars. While we may not be as slick as some design companies, we can provide a basic website at very reasonable costs. We can answer your questions, show you how to get started, explain all your options... we can even build and administer your website if you wish.

Click below to view some of our websites, and see for yourself what we can do.

Price: $25 and up

If your need is not addressed here, contact us and let us know how we can help!
DAY Computer and Technology Service, LLC DAY Computer and Technology Service, LLC DAY Computer and Technology Service, LLC DAY Computer and Technology Service, LLC DAY Computer and Technology Service, LLC